Michael Landon Center Art Exhibitions

Malibu Elementary School Poetry and Art Exhibition

Through the City of Malibu Arts in Education program, former Malibu Poet Laureate Ricardo Means Ybarra, with Jolynn Regan's assistance, conducted a series of virtual poetry workshops with Ms. Levy and Ms. Matthews' 5th-grade Malibu Elementary School students.  The students learned about writing poetry then created a visual representation of their poem with art teacher Nicole Fisher. The individual art pieces were then transformed into a cohesive and collaborative poetry quilt sewn by Stefanie Colvig.  

The Poetry Quilt has traveled to homes, schools and parks. We invite you to visit Malibu Bluffs Park, take a photo with the quilt, and use the hashtag #MalibuTravelingQuilt to be featured in the exhibition. 

The poems and poetry quilt will be displayed in the windows of the Michael Landon Center from February 14 through March 28, 2021.

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