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In order for the Cultural Arts Commission to achieve the tasks given to them by City Council, ad hoc committees have been created. Each ad hoc is comprised of two Cultural Arts Commissioners who serve until the specific task or assignment has been achieved. Because these committees are created only for one purpose, they are not subjected to following the Brown Act or Roberts rules of order. Each ad hoc meets on its own and then reports back to the Cultural Arts Commission at their regular monthly meetings.Community members are encouraged to become involved by serving on one of these ad hoc committees.  Please fill out a volunteer application.
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Currently there are six (6) active ad hoc committees which are: 

  • Arts in Education- working on creating more opportunities for music in schools. 
  • City Hall Public Art Exhibits- currently working on installing a surfboard exhibit titled, “The Board as Canvas”.
  • Concert on the Bluffs- working on an outdoor music event featuring the Malibu Symphony Orchestra, local musicians and composers.  The event will happen on June 11, 2016.
  • Fundraising- responsible for identifying fundraising mechanisms as well as identifying areas that need funding.
  • Legacy Park Art in Public Places Project- is currently working with City staff and a design consultant to create a vision of how to integrate more public art into Legacy Park. The project is in the early phases.

 The following Commissioners are assigned to each ad hoc committee:

  • Arts in Education- Scott Hosfeld and Catherine Malcolm Brickman
  • City Hall Art - Eric Myer and Suzanne Keith Zimmer
  • Concert on the Bluffs- Catherine Malcolm Brickman and Suzanne Keith Zimmer
  • Fundraising- Scott Hosfeld and Catherine Malcolm Brickman
  • Legacy Park Art Project - Catherine Malcolm Brickman and Suzanne Keith Zimmer