Malibu City Gallery

The City of Malibu Arts Commission curates four to six exhibitions at the Malibu City Gallery annually.

Artist Requirements

  • Signed City of Malibu Artist License and Loan Agreement 
  • List of pieces with the prices
  • One high-resolution image of the artist (headshot)
  • Artist Biography 
  • Artist Website or Social Media Handle
  • One high-resolution image of the "gallery image" 
  • All artwork must meet the hanging mechanism requirements (below)
  • Artist must be in attendance at the public Art Reception 
  • Artist must transport all artwork to the Malibu City Gallery (23825 Stuart Ranch Rd, Malibu)
  • Artist must work with the City to supply artwork labels

Required Gallery Hanging Mechanism

Hanging System Malibu Art Gallery

Artwork must have two hanging hooks on either side of the artwork.