Legacy Park Art Enhancement Plan

The Legacy Park Art Enhancement Plan includes the development of conceptual designs, including sites for public art and park features, that would utilize water from the future wastewater treatment facility, as well as site analysis, community outreach, and conceptual schematic and master plan design.

The draft plan was presented to City Council in December 2015. City Council directed staff to have the Cultural Arts Commission review a final plan that includes determining project and phasing costs, identifying potential funding options, change the art installations adjacent to the Country Mart corridor from Phase 3 to Phase 1, and work with the Country Mart owner to identify pedestrian connections between Legacy Park and their commercial property.  

The Commission is currently working on prioritizing the project phasing and creating a non-profit foundation that will help fund the project. For more information on the project, please contact (310) 456-2489 ext. 337. 
Legacy Summary 2