Youth Artists

Malibu is home to many young up and coming artists.  There are many opportunities to see these talented young people in action either at a local community event, school event or City program. Malibu High School, the City of Malibu and other arts based organizations offer a variety of arts based programming in Malibu.  All of these can be found by going to the Resources Directory.

 Be A Featured Artist
If you would like to be featured as a youth artist on our website, fill out the Featured Talent Application and the Malibu Cultural Arts Commission staff will review your information. 
Malibu Teen Film Festival

Celebrating the talent of young film makers, the Malibu Teen Film Festival screened movies made by students in middle school and high school. The first Malibu Teen Film Festival Screening took place on Friday, January 9, 2015. The event was hosted by the Malibu Youth Commission.  The date for the third annual Malibu Teen Film Festival is January 13, 2017 at 6:00 PM.   To enter submit Teen Film.  the deadline for entries is December 5
For more information 
Film Fish

Malibu Battle of the Bands

The City of Malibu Battle of the Bands is an annual event held at City Hall in the Malibu Civic Theater.  Battle of the Bands is a night of fun and excitement, featuring local bands and musical artists from around Malibu.
The 2017 Battle of the Bands has been renamed, Malibu Arts and Music Festival.  The event will take place in March 2017.  For more information contact Katie Gallo 

The Malibu Student Art Show
is an annual art show for students in Kindergarten to 12th grade. Students submit one art piece of any medium, and all art pieces are showcased the following weekend.  The art show will take place sometime in February 2017 and will be held in a vacant business in the Malibu Village Shopping Center. Check back in December for details. 

Malibu Student Art Show

Malibu High School Productions

Both the middle and high school programs produce a dramatic play and musical each year. These wonderful performances have become much-anticipated school and community events and have been broadcast on the local Malibu TV station.

Kristin Riesgo
City of Malibu
Recreation Supervisor
310-456-2489 ext. 350
(Battle of the Bands/ Student Art Show/
Malibu Teen Film Festival)
For Malibu High School Programs
Jodi Plaia
Malibu High School
High School Theater Director
(310) 457-6801 ext. 74257
(Malibu High School Productions)

Bridgette Leonard
Malibu High School
Middle School Theater
310-457-6801 ext. 74222
(Malibu Middle School Productions)