Malibu Poet Laureate

The City of Malibu is pleased to announce our first Malibu Poet Laureate, Mr. Ricardo Means Ybarra.  Mr. Ybarra started his term as Poet Laureate on March 28, 2017.  He will work with members of the Laureate Committee to bring poetry into local school classrooms, host readings and events and help create programs that highlight and celebrate the spoken word. 

Ricardo has taught poetry as part of the California Writers in the Schools program for the last eight years. He has also published several books, the most recent one titled, Beyond the Reef.

In April 2017, Ricardo worked with fifth grade classes at Point Dume Marine Science and Juan Carillo Elementary Schools through the Arts in Education program. He also hosted two invitational events,  "We Three" and "Go Fly a Kite," celebrating  the Tyrus Wong Kite Exhibit at Malibu City Hall (photos below). 

Free Poet Laureate bookmarks are available at the upstairs lobby or Community Services Department in Malibu City Hall.
Ricardo Means Ybarra Bookmark
Angels on the Highway

More and more I am followed by hair combs
blond wings
the constant rearrangement of halos
a divine countenance
shiksas in Rabbit convertibles.
Why have I been chosen?
A simple sheepherder
with the name of Jacob
I didn't steal my birthright on the PCH 
wrestling with pink fingernails in my rear-view mirror
furious punching of radio
more Bad Company or Led Zepplin. 
I would feel better about this vision 
if there was a Stairway to Heaven, or 
just a ladder.
Nervously, I bless myself 
spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch.
blessed inches from my rear bumper
Gabriel in their back seat.
Let us pray for the intervention of disc brakes.
~~Ricardo Means Ybarra