Information on the Cultural Arts Commission

City hall
Established by the Malibu City Council on June 25, 2012, the Cultural Arts Commission is comprised of five (5) Malibu residents and one (1) ex- officio member.  The purpose of the Commission is to provide arts related   recommendations to the Malibu City Council.  Each members of the Cultural Arts Commission is appointed by a member of City Council and serves for the duration of the Councilmember’s term. 

The Cultural Arts Commission is responsible for implementing the City’s Art in Public Places Ordinance and the Malibu Public Art Program.  The Commission advises on the acquisition of public art, provides content for the Malibu Arts & Culture website, recommends arts programs and cultural arts events, advises on arts education, provides outreach to local artists, and recommends mechanisms for funding and fundraising for the arts. 

The Commission prioritizes according to the assignments and goals given by City Council at the beginning of each fiscal year. The Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of every month and welcomes participation and community involvement in all public art projects, programs and events.  

Malibu Cultural Arts Commission Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Cultural Arts Commission to:

  • Nurture, support and broaden the arts and the aesthetic quality of life in Malibu through recognition of artistic pursuit and cultural diversity

  • Celebrate established Malibu artists and encourage their participation in local events

  • Support arts education and related outreach programs

  • Commemorate, promote and preserve the traditions, history, values and uniqueness of our community for generations to come